Snott Watt

The Snott Watt is now availible!!!


  • Dual channel dual gain mode 12BH7 Push/Pull 5 watt amplifier.
  • 100% Tube signal path No Diodes or SS components
  • 3-12AX7A preamp tubes and 1 12BH7 push/Pull power tube.
  • Brutal/Brown switch that varies the high voltage supply by 70 volts for a warmer or more strident tone.
  • Vintage Gain Mode: Clean to Crunch.
  • Modern Gain Mode: Crunch to Metal
  • Dual gain Controls, Treble boost, gain modes, dry/wet settings.
  • Standard TMB tone stack with master volume
  • Dummy load for use as a preamp and or line out without having to have speakers connected.
  • Impedance selections of 4,8,and 16 ohms
  • Power Amp voiced line out for use as a preamp or recording
  • FX Loop with adjustible gain and can be switched IN/OUT
  • Small Footprint: 14"X 8.0" X 9.5"
The Snott Watt is a small compact amp designed to give you that large amp sound but a much lower volumes. It is great for practicing late at night or use as a recording amp for many of your recording needs.

The Snott Watt was designed by Carl Williams of Anchovy amps and my self back in 2004. After many prototypes and versions, we finally had the final product.

The Snott Watt uses a 12BH7 preamp tube in a push/pull configuration as the power tube. This is the same configuration large amps use with the bigger bottles. The output is 5 watts.

Unlike other bedroom amps the Snott Watt is hand wired and all 100% tube circuitry with custom made transformers made here in the USA.

The Snott Watt is a small amp and can be easily carried like a lunch box. Also the internal dummy load allows you to use the amp without a speaker for either a standalone preamp and or recording interface.

The Vintage Channel will take you from warm clean tones to nice crunch tones. The modern Channel will take you from crunch to metal tones.

Additional Info
Price 850.00 USD
To view video demonstations of the this series of amps click here
Modern Channel - Medium Gain


Modern Channel - High Gain 1


Modern Channel - High Gain 2


Designed by Kyle Needham and Baron Custom Amps LLC